Mum, FIFO wife, award-winning business mentor

emma williams

Hey! I’m Em, mum to three young girls, wife of a fly-in-fly-out husband, and founder of SociallyEm, a gold award-winning social media and digital marketing service for entrepreneurial women.

I know how tough and relentless it can be to navigate life and business, which is why SociallyEm is built on the core value of women supporting women.

What turns a good idea into a flourishing, profitable business is the people behind it. You are the key to your success, so tap into your inner #bossbabe and                                                

never give up.

How refreshing to meet a wonderful, kind, helpful woman in what can be a cutthroat industry!

- Gabrielle Brown

em's love letters

Cannot thank Em enough for the endless support she gives to her community.


em's love letters

Emma is the queen of social media!


em's love letters

Whether you already run your own business or aspire to start one, SociallyEm provides the confidence, support and industry expertise you’ll need to successfully grow an online business.

Supported by a remote team of boss women who provide services like web design, social media management, copywriting and graphic design, SociallyEm is a marketing agency in your pocket, the digital girl squad you can count on.

Maybe you’re sick of the 9-5 taking you away from your family, maybe you’re ready to launch a side-gig that could become a life-changing opportunity to work on your own terms, or maybe you’re already running a side-gig that just needs a little kick up the butt, either way, you’re in the right place.

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