Whether you’re new to the game or neck-deep in the chaos of small biz life, my curated collection of business services has your back.

From Instagram ads management to media kits for influencers, my services and resources are designed to help you learn, strategise, streamline and get shit done.

The biggest mistake I see new businesses make is blowing their entire startup budget on stock, websites, advertising and business cards, BEFORE they’ve started to build their brand or learn what works.

They get their cousin’s hairdresser’s dog to run their Instagram account because she/he/they have 300k followers, and away they go.

LOL, no.

With no strategy in place and no brand clarity, you’re shooting in the dark, friends.

Helping women become successful business owners and retaining that essential work/life balance is my jam.

I live, breathe and EAT that shiz (ok, too far).

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power hour

We get that sometimes it can feel lonely being a small business owner. Which is why we have put together our infamous zoom sessions into 'epic power hours' covering your burning questions and topics as a collective group.
An opportunity to work closely with Em and the Team at a fraction of the cost! 


So, get in babe, we’re going on a wild ride to social media success. 

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social media

From paid ads setup to community engagement to hashtag research, our SM services shop is bursting at the seams with everything you need to grow an engaged, loyal following.

We plan and create all of your marketing with a strategy intended to help build on your business model and to take your business to the next level.

 We’ll advertise and organise a large group of influencers for a launch you have coming up.

Collaboration setup – We will send you a list of potential influencers that suit your niche and products. 

No idea where to start with social media and need some personalised guidance?
Book a 1:1 consult with me and let’s start from the beginning.
You’ll get direct access to me, my brain and my sparkling wit, and the opportunity to ask me
all your burning questions.

Social media zero to hashtag hero in just 4 little weeks.
Together we’ll unpack your business and create a bulletproof plan that’s tailored to your brand and where you want to take it.
There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to business, so let’s get personal, baby.
Say hell no to generic and hello to personalised, individual, exclusive strategies.

How does 90 pre-written captions sound? With 30 different call to actions to convert!
Instagram captions for all types of businesses, from Beauty, Baby, Skincare, Fashion and Lifestyle. Or bloggers, content creators and influencers. You name it, we have you covered!

Are you in need of a fairy godmother, saviour, best friend, assistant to run your socials?

We’ll audit your SM and give you 10 tips to implement.

Analyse all of your posts and stories to find out what your followers actually WANT to see from you.

 This calendar allows you to post something meaningful and relatable for your audience, EVERYDAY!

Paid Facebook advertising is the most targeted and cost-effective form of digital marketing.

We can setup your warm and cold sales funnels as a once off.

Finding the right Brand Rep Team can be extremely daunting. We can take the hassle out of this for you!

A 2-feed theme mood board, allowing you to visually see the potential your feed can have and a how to guide.

Newsletters are your bread and butter, this is the perfect place to keep in touch with your customers.

Beautifully curated captions ready for you to post.

You’ve got a banging product but do you know how to make people want to buy it with killer content writing? 

Have our team organically engage with your followers to grow your following and insights.

A comprehensive step by step guide to help you understand your niche target audience and ideal customer avatar

I can take the hard work out of this ever so simple process that you currently finding daunting.

Our guide is jam packed with 90 reel ideas with examples! As well as our top tips for nailing reels, actionable worksheets and 15 cover templates

Whether you are a business, a brand rep or an influencer, we’ve created a guide that will answer all of your burning questions.

A guide to help you get your email marketing on track, with 20 editable templates to help nurture your ideal customer.


Stand out from the crowd with a custom Shopify website and professional quality brand elements.

How nice is it opening a parcel you have been eagerly waiting for to find a beautiful thank you card inside with a handwritten note.

Not sure what to include in a killer wholesale look book or where to begin? Download our template and start today!

Let’s show off your business and your product in a way that makes stores want it in their store.

Want to get your product in front of your ideal wholesale customer?

If you are an influencer, or you are wanting to become one and you don’t have a media kit yet then this right here is for you!

We will create an amazing media kit (plus a price card!) that is completely customised to you and your style.

Your IG page is not complete without some on brand, beautiful highlight covers to complete the theme.

Get a custom Business Card so you can leave an impression on potential customers/clients.

Have an amazingly constructed website built with TLC and step by step instructions.

Looking for a makeup over on your current shopify site?

Fix, improve, add, or get insights on your Shopify website without adding headcount to your team.


Pin this, mood board that. What does it all mean? Pinterest is an underrated and powerful platform that can achieve amazing reach and awareness for your brand.
Let us show you how!

So, you’ve got a Pinterest account, but keeping up with the daily pinning & management is taking the back seat?

Did you know that there are more than 250 million monthly active users on Pinterest? INSANE!