Brand Rep Search

Have you ever bought something because a well-known person on Instagram or someone you admire used it? Guilty! And so is a huge 84% of consumers! Influencers aren’t called influencers for nothing, they’re a trusted voice and that’s why you need them promoting your business!

Influencer Marketing isn’t new, but it’s an extremely affective way for your business to not only get content but generate sales and build brand awareness. What makes today’s influencer marketing effective is that it is perceived as more authentic and trustworthy. Influencer’s have a rapport with their fans (which is likely your target audience!) and their recommendations aren’t dismissed as fake or sponsored endorsements. Instead, their followers often swear by the recommendations made by their favourite influencer. The influencer marketing is set to increase and be bigger than ever in 2020!

Finding the right Brand Rep Team can be extremely daunting! We can take the hassle out of this for you!

We have built amazing relationships with so many beautiful and talented influencers over the past few years so it’s important to us that we teach you what to look for, who fits your niche and the most important one; what is a genuine organic following and what is not. 

What is a  Brand Rep Team??

Brand Rep Team is a long-term relationship that is continual every month with products and/or fee. You can expect 1 post weekly/fortnightly and a few stories as well as continued content (photographs). This is usually done for micro influencers 1k-10k following. It is more cost effective as it’s generally just the cost of the product in exchange for content and posts.

What you’ll receive:

Brand Rep Team – We will promote your brand in the rep community which will help you with exposing your brand and gaining some new followers! From here we will send you a list of our recommendations for you to approve. We will then liaise back and forth with the reps to get an agreement in place and send through their addresses and info for you to send product out. We recommend a brand having 10 reps on the go at once. This means 10 people sharing your page weekly and producing content. 

Want a legal binding contract to protect your brand?

9 times out of 10 influencers and collaborators are AMAZING! But we recommend having a legal contract in place to protect your outlay in product/fees you have paid. Included in your purchase is an editable template contract which can be sent direct to team members.

Please allow a 14 day turnaround time***