Content Writing

So you’ve got a banging product & you’re a pretty cool person… but do you know how to talk about yourself & your product to make people want to buy?

One of the first things people look for on a website is INFORMATION. About you, about your product & about why they need it in their life. No one likes a boring Sharon with 6 cats, we want to read how it's going to change our lives and how epic you are! 

My in house content writer #wordsmith can turn your 'Buy my bow - its cute' into an in demand, need it now product.

We can re-write your about me spiel or product descriptions (whatever you need!) & make it sound KILLER!


A re-write of FIVE paragraphs to enhance yourself & your product to help your customer take that extra step & hit the BUY button. Any more than 5 paragraphs please contact me for a custom quote. 
Please allow 7-10 business days for turnaround time.