Newsletters (EDM)

It all begins with social media and bringing in those customers. If they are already viewing your website and subscribing, you know you are doing something right!

Now you’ve drawn them in, you need to keep their focus on your products, maintain and better yet fuel that interest whilst keeping them up to date and reaching that end goal..buying your amazing products!

Newsletters are your bread and butter, this is the perfect place to keep in touch with your customers, make them feel important and build that loyalty whilst simultaneously showcasing your new arrivals or blog advice, exactly what they came to see!

You should be sending your newsletter at least fortnightly (aim for weekly, this is only going to bring you more success and keep your customers continuously engaged).

You want to keep your brand fresh on their mind so anytime they need something your page and products are their first point of contact.

I can take out the hard work and create your newsletters for you to post, the NEWSLETTER TEMPLATE is going to be your best starting point at only $159


What’s Included?

I will create a customised design that can be updated on a regular basis with the latest goss, information and/or products to continuously show casing your amazing products/services.

The creation of the template will also included your first send out.

Regular newsletters will be $79 per send out.


Please allow a 10-14 day turn around for this product.