Social Media Strategy Plan

What is included?

Failure to plan = Failure to succeed!

It is so important that all businesses have not only short-term goals (3 months) but also long term goals (12 months).


Because without goals you fail to have direction and plans to keep you accountable and motivated.


How and why would you succeed?

Before you know 3 months will have gone by and you will find yourself asking why you have only grown by 20 new followers, your sales will be stagnated and there is even the potential to develop boredom with your business not driving successfully. This happens when you have not implemented all those amazing ideas swirling around in your head.

I can create a social media strategy for your business to get it booming and continue to do so as time goes by. We will discuss over the phone everything you have been going over in year head and create realistic numbers for growth and increased sales as well as looking at your current strategies and plans and how we can improve on those.

You will complete a questionnaire which ensures I will not include what you are already implementing and knowledgeable with.


Then I work ma magic, please allow a 14-21 day turnaround for creative processing and brain storming required to deliver the best ideas and expertise for your business.


You will then receive a step-by-step comprehensive Social Media Strategy for your business which will incorporate six key elements: Strategy, Brand, Social Media, Content, Traffic and ideas for improved sales generation. This will also include all the ‘how to’ ensuring you are comfortable to roll out your social media strategy on an ongoing basis. We will then touch base four weeks after for a 30 minute follow up session or alternatively if you’d like to change immediately after receiving your plan to ask any questions you may have, we can alternate this.


This package is ideal for any stage of your business; beginners or years into trading as it is completely customised to your goals and skills.