Weekly Planner Pad

You have all been asking, how doesEm do it?! And her secret… PLANNING! Now you can do it too, with this ultimate girl bossweekly planner to help youorganise, planand set goals for your lifeandbusiness as perEm’s style & recommendations.

Designed, triedand tested byEm herself, you’ll be able to get your week in order with helpful reminders, tipsandrecommendations to help you not only set your goals but achieve them!


-52 pages
-Thisweeks motto
-Weekly tasks
-Tips to remember
-Important notes
-Goals for the week
-Your positive from the week & something you did for yourself.

Size:240mmx 420mm

Material:900gsm thick paper

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Please note this is a pre-order item - They will be shipped first week of FEB!