WSW Shout-out Membership Dec-Feb

You know I'm passionate about Women Supporting Women, and this program is the culmination of that passion. Women coming together, forming a community and supporting the shit out of each other!


Quite often I hear "how do I get in front of my ideal audience" or "how do I get people to share my page", this is your chance to not only help support another woman but to have your own page shown to multiple NEW audiences that you wouldn't have had access to before.


You know how it works, you give a shoutout and you get a shoutout in return, IN AN ORGANIC WAY! This is a quarterly membership of women coming together for a collaborative marketing tool.You'll receive two accounts per week for a full 12 weeks! Meaning over the quarter you will receive 24 shout outs, reaching thousands of ideal followers!All while being part of a community filled with amazing women #yesplease


Just $39.95 per quarter - super affordable way to get yourself out there!Have you signed up yet? Time is running out, we kick start this quarters membership on 1st Dec...

Shout-outs will commence 1st Dec